The Diary of A Girl meets THE WORLD...

This is what you get when you’ve been dancing the whole day juggling 4 different production numbers all at the same time! 😅 #StrikeAPose #13daysToGo #BiggestEventOfTheYear #BootCamp #Umaarabiana #DreamKoMakasuotNgAbaya #ItoNalangMunaForNow (at United Arab of Cagayan De Oro)

Leave nothing but the story behind. 💛 GoodNight Beautiful World! 🍸🌅


Travel and see the world. 🌏 #LeavingFootprints #SacredRuins

And I stand in awe of your love. 💛 #travel

Raising my glass to all my friends who are having a quarter life crisis. Guys, you are not alone! 😉 We will always want the lives we can’t have, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy with our own. Take it day by day, my dear friends. As you know what they say: “You CAN HAVE IT ALL; not just all at once.” 🍸🍻 #SoberNight #OnTheRoadToSelfDiscovery #PartyHarder #OneNightOnly

Thai’s version of Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris. Tradition dictates that romantics attach a lock to it and throw the key into the fountain beside it (instead of River Seine in Paris). 👫❤️ #Love (at ASIATIQUE The Riverfront)

Future life peg would be these two. 💏 #28andcounting (at Distil Bar, the Dome at Lebua Tower.)

2 weeks ago High Quality

Last night’s THE HangOver 2.0 experience. 🌃 (at The hangover suite , Lebua hotel state tower club .)

Last night’s finest 5 star dining experience atop of Bangkok and overlooking Chao Phraya River. Simply, A PARADISE found. 😍🌆🌜🍸 #TGIS #Lebua #TheDome #breathtaking #blessed

2 weeks ago

Dancing Royal Elephant 🐘🐘🐘 #Ayuttaya (at Elephant Village)

Day well-spent with my new found friend. 🐘🐘🐘 ✅Bucketlist #RoyalKraal #ElephantVillage #Ayutthaya (at Ayutthaya Elephant Palace)

Official residence of Siam’s King. 👑 #VisitTheKing #Bangkok #Siam (at The King Palace In Bangkok)

Authentic Thai food for Lunch. We Pad Thai we meet again! 😊 #Ayuttaya (at Baan Suan Guesthouse)

"The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom courage." Spending American Independence in the country of smiles. 😊 #ChasingLiberty #FourthOfJuly (at Siam Paragon | สยามพารากอน)